The chairman is the Chief Executive and Spokesperson for the Association of Owerri Senatorial Zone, Málaga and is responsible for:

(a) The affairs of the organisation, in representing on an important call, summarizing the meeting at the end of each gathering and must be also a contributor to other important roles as the case may be.

(b) Ensures that the meeting and the members behaviour are in line with the constitution.

(c) Presents a report on the union’s administration and activities at the end of each year.

(d) Is obliged to converse with the executive committee to produce financial plan for each year and present the plan to the union for debate and approval.

(e) The chairman has the right to decide for or against when there is equal votes at deliberation.

(f) In emergency situations where the Executive committee cannot be convened or reached, with at least the co-signature of the treasurer approve expenditures.

(g) Be responsible for renewal of Union’s registration.