Mr. Kelechi Iheanacho is the General Secretary of the Association of Owerri Senatorial Zone, Málaga:

(a) The General Secretary must be punctual and active in the meeting proceedings.

(b) The secretary is responsible for putting down in writing all the discussions, contributions and other necessary outcome of events that might have taken place during the process of the meeting of Owerri Senatorial Zone, Málaga, as well as tabling agenda and memorandum.

(c) The secretary is responsible for the daily operation of the union and coordination of the union’s secretariat activities like:

i. Calling meetings of the union bodies with the approval of the chairman.
ii. Prepares the meetings and takes the minutes thereof.
iii. Procures reports from union council members about problems concerning members, thereby summon some kind of emergency meeting of the executive committee, should such occasion arise. To take action or offer advice on behalf of the union.