Mr. James Madu is the Treasurer of the Association of Owerri Senatorial Zone, Málaga:

(a) The Treasurer shall maintain the duty of keeping inputs as assembled in every meeting. Input here is referred to as (money collected).

(b) Pays all sums payable to the union into the unions account within 24 working hours of receipt of fund.

(c) On a three weeks’ notice, submit an account of Association of Owerri Senatorial Zone, Málaga funds if the union or Executive Committees demands.

(d) Pay the union’s bills, vouched by the Financial Secretary and endorsed by the Chairman.

(e) Be one of the signatories with that of the Chairman for withdrawal of the union’s funds.

(f) Have the power to demand and obtain the receipt of all the financial transactions of the union.

(g) Preside over an appointed budget committee.

(h) Cooperate with an appointed Auditing Committee whenever the need arises.

(i) Present to the house the union’s passbook periodically within the range of three (3) months.

(c) Presents an accounting report on the financial funds of the union at the end of fiscal year.