The name of the Association is Owerri Senatorial Zone (Motto – Obi Wuru Otu). The Association which is a non-profit organisation, is domiciled in Málaga, Spain.


The existence of this Association is for the purpose of supporting its members, integrating into the Spanish and Andalusian culture, and also helping its members in maintaining their mother tongue – the IGBO language, so as not to forget their origin as the basis of identity, as this is necessary for every member. (b) To bring together the Owerri Senatorial Zone sons and daughters within Málaga and its environs. (c) To promote the patriotic spirit among Owerri Senatorial Zone in Málaga and its environs. (d) To offer support when necessary to members in order to guarantee a continuous flow and growth of the organization. (e) To organize social and cultural events in order to promote our good reputation. (f) To educate our children and youths about their Igbo cultural and linguistic heritage.

Our Executives

Ikechukwu Asiegbu

Kelechi Iheanacho