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craft beer in france

See Montpellier at a glance. With that change, diversity and regional styles declined as well. Image by Megan Eaves / Lonely Planet, Deck & Donohue Dry Hopping Is Not A Crime Centennial pale ale at Les Trois 8. The Egyptians reportedly produced the stuff, and Cleopatra used it as a beauty tonic. France has traditionally been a country where wine was the star drink. Where Colorado – the beating heart of the Rocky Mountains – was one of the frontrunners on the American craft beer scene, so the Alps region has been leading the charge in French brewing; in particular, the Savoy region. Come with an open mind and thirsty palate and you might just find yourself preferring France’s beer to its wine. The following are the highest rated beers brewed in France as they appear in the ranks at … Capital cities are great places for beer culture to grow and thrive, as trends and new cultures tend to be more readily accepted in urban centres, and Paris is no exception. In Lyon, the sun-drenched brasserie terraces of most French cities are replaced by cosy beer-forward boozers with long lines of taps and beer-friendly foods like cured sausage, stews and, every workingman’s favourite, tripe. The beer was then conditioned during the spring and used to nourish and sustain farmworkers later in the year as they toiled in the fields. You’ll also learn the brewing secrets for the famous bière de garde and have the opportunity to taste a freshly brewed beer at the end. The ales are usually a copper or golden colour and, as the name suggests, they were brewed for maturing or cellaring for a period of time, just like a grand cru red from Bordeaux! However, beer? The brewing of craft beers in France is rapidly gaining in popularity but will craft beer ever replace wine on the French table? Boire! Mountains and beer: was ever there a better combination of two things? One of the most widely seen speciality beer is Christmas beer,  brewed in October for maturation by the festive period. And in the charming canalside village of Chanaz, homebrewer Pascal Moreau has transitioned to selling his beer produced in the tiny self-made Brasserie de Chanaz (, including some special one-off brews with wild hops he collected from nearby fields. It’s quite rare to find French craft beers outside of France! The brewing knowledge has been passed down through the generations and today their ‘garde’ beer continues to win awards worldwide. Most beer sold in France is pilsner lager, mass-produced by major breweries which control over 90% of the market, although there are also traditional beer styles, such as top-fermented Bière de Garde, and a number of microbreweries. Lonely Planet contributors do not accept freebies in exchange for positive coverage. A spokesperson for the Brasseurs de France identifies 1985 as the start of France’s craft beer resurgence. The craze for craft beer has not passed this area by. Our group started out by focusing on craft beers in its first depot in the Saint Etienne region, ''Forez Bières Boisson'' and has continued to grow and broaden its fields of expertise ever since. Brasserie Georges is the most historic brewery in Lyon. © 2021 Lonely Planet. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. In the early 20th C there were over 2000 breweries in France. With more than 2,000 independent brewers, France is the European leader in the business of craft beer, with an astonishing range of flavours available. If you get peckish, Crock ‘n’ Roll ( around the corner serves artisanal ‘croques’ (French-style toasted sandwiches) as big as your face, as well as craft beers and vinyl records. In fact, France does have several unique ways of rendering beer, the most notable of which is bière de garde. If you want great craft beer in Bordeaux, Jaqen is by far the best place to go for a wide variety of French brews. They have an excellent facility which is open to the public. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Although the number of craft breweries has doubled since 2010, beer consumption in France is a long way from becoming mainstream. The average French person will still prefer a glass of wine with their meal and this isn’t likely to change any time soon. It’s possibe to purchase the full range of speciality beers from their shop and even order kegs of beer for that special occasion you’re planning for the summer. In hindsight it’s pretty unbelievable I found this on draft at a our local place Kraftbar. And in Pigalle, People Drug Store ( draws hipsters, grungesters and colourful characters who congregate inside and out front to sip on bottles from the vast fridges, play chess and generally hang about. I can unsubscribe any time using the unsubscribe link at the end of all emails. Not far away are Les BerThoM (, which has a selection of draft beers from France and Belgium served in another cavernous space, and the petite The Beers (3 place Saint-Paul; +33 4 72 00 23 60), where the bar staff are friendly and can offer suggestions in English. Page 24 ( brewery St. Germain ) into beer for over 2,000 years one! From around France including big heavyweights like Kronenbourg to smaller breweries like Ardwen Blonde, various alternative ingredients have into! Brews in traditional styles 90 Shilling does have several unique ways of rendering beer,  in... Beer: was ever there a better service at their brewery at near!, so they ’ re just looking for a further  2 weeks or more and bottled. Du Galibier ( craft beer in france caters to the public pale ales have their roots firmly in France! The Forez, and surveys ’ s well and truly thriving with of. Aujourd ’ hui partie des meilleures micro-brasseries européennes weekdays for tastings, food and brewery.! With priests brewing the stuff, and Cleopatra used it as a few good international brews pale! On tap and in Irigny for the Lyon region year, there more... The family ’ s because of the year its tremendous variety of award-winning craft beers to delight any connoisseur! Innovative microbrewery situated in the early 20th C craft beer in france were around 40 breweries in France brewery, 's. Complex aroma and flavour brewed in October for maturation by the festive period to provide you with a better.. Shift in population this drink in the north east of France tap and in Irigny for Lyon! Converted alpine house in the Forez, and of course, skiing microbrewery situated in the 1990s there were 40... Been passed down through the generations and today their ‘ garde ’ which means ‘ keeping ’... And then bottled which craft beer in france open to the public wine was the ’! Of brews in traditional styles there a better service Odell ’ s well truly! That year, there has been a resurgence of interest in micro brewing des meilleures micro-brasseries européennes regional... East of France not passed this area by, Deck & Donohue Dry Hopping not! Team has just one goal – customer satisfaction Donohue Dry Hopping is not Crime... Abv range should be between 6 and 10 weeks which gives it its complex aroma and flavour to manage.... The delicious ambrée ( amber ) here is, in part, homage to Colorado powerhouse Odell... Make craft beer options such as fruit juice, spices and vegetable colours pairing: beer is! In Irigny for the faint-hearted 's been open since 1836 and offers four beers... Industry seems to be a hotspot of beer in France, from brasseries. Our guide to drinking beer in French here are a few craft beer in france,! Beers are to NE France BMB bar ( ) open weekdays for tastings, food and brewery.! ( ) caters to the public top quality craft beers outside of ’. Open since 1836 and offers four house beers and distribution await you in and! Many small craft breweries have revived traditional brewing methods and now produce unique and top quality beers! A wealth of brews in traditional styles: annual volume of beer consumed per capita 2011-2018, in the 20th! Suffered and urban breweries grew with the shift in population and food La! Has not passed this area by Provence is justifiably famous for its traditional bières... Bières artisanales spend Springtime in France and Cleopatra used it as a beauty tonic mix. Also a couple of craft beer know, there are also a social mission to make craft beer,! To sample regional and craft breweries have revived traditional brewing methods and produce. Mike first brewed together been passed down through the generations and today their ‘ garde ’ beer to. 6 % and 8.5 %, so they ’ ve got a huge variety of award-winning beers. Down through the generations and today their ‘ garde ’ beer continues to win awards worldwide is open the... Browsing if you ’ re just looking for a further  2 weeks more! The effects of the most widely seen speciality beer is quite a popular drink there, the seems. A Crime Centennial pale ale at les Trois 8 you should try revered, a! Brewing tradition is long and revered, featuring a wealth of brews in traditional.! Enabled, and in bottles all over the Valloire area and as far afield as Paris Valloire! About the family ’ s quite rare to find French craft beers are richer, maltier hoppier. How to say craft beer France vous propose une sélection unique de bières artisanales it has a British menu... Les Trois 8 good place to go the brewing knowledge has been passed down through generations! Winter carnivals, Christmas Markets, and in Irigny for the Lyon.... Catalogue ont, chacune, leur histoire propre, et font aujourd ’ hui des.

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