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Especially since he said that his previous groupmates made fun of him for being an idol. 356 notes. He shortened his name from Runch Randa to Randa sometime in early 2009. Same. OT but its really sad that I never feel inspired or motivated by anything. I recaptured an experience that I thought had been lost long ago. Page by page, I’ve fallen deeply as I read into you. Joueur professionel, Faker a parlé de la question de l’exemption militaire pour la toute première fois dans une récente interview avec Temterview sur Youtube. Avant BTSde RM était RM, anciennement connu sous le nom de Rap Monster, c’était un rappeur underground qui portait plusieurs noms, dont Largo, The Nexist et Stealo. Fetion wrote Nexist aka 점심 in his post which confirms that the Nexist and Runch Randa were the same person because 점심 is the Korean word for Lunch and Lunch when written in hangeul is the same as Runch. The specific lyrics that stick out to me are "Forever we are young / Even when I fall and hurt myself / I keep running toward my dream" and "Dreams. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Son nom le plus connu avant ses débuts est Runch Randa. This made me tear up a little. RM de BTS partage l’histoire derrière son nom de scène “Runch Randa” Un membre du personnel attaque le personnage de Lai Guanlin dans un message maintenant supprimé 6 lignes puissantes prononcées par Lee Dong Wook (I think it's also possible that Sleepy may have already known Namjoon from his song postings online since thats what he ended up showing Pdogg when they went out for drinks several months later). you could really feel yoongi's pain with his delivery. I've got the same id on twitter if you want to hit me up for more info or talk there. Nabilla angoisée par le covid-19 : Elle partage ses inquiétudes sur Snapchat ! And I think that's actually an important fact to keep in mind because all of the songs we have of Namjoon from his time as Runch Randa and Largo survived only because of reposters. ☽. it's such a raw song. Poster for the 달이차오른다 Concert in 2009. In those moments, it's Sea that gives me hope. Rap Monster é próximo do Jackson do GOT7. C’est un problème délicat. They're perfect for my emo self. This is my first reddit post so I hope the formatting and everything turns out, but I wanted to write some about Namjoon's pre-debut history because he was so active and well known in the amateur/underground scene before debut but I've never really seen it comprehensively documented anywhere. I graduated with a degree, and was told I'd find a job, but I didn't. It's been 7 years since music made me this happy. 지금 = now 전부 날 follow 내 가능성은 리트윗돼 Everyone follows me. As most people know, Yoongi earned a place at Big Hit after placing second in the finals and i11evn joined Bangtan as the winner of the auditions in late October 2010. DIEGO ECHAVARRIA MISAS. | MapleStory / YouTube Épisode 1 de Les originaux MapleStory | MapleStory X BTS, RM a raconté l’histoire derrière son nom de scène «Runch Randa», Jimin a révélé comment il a perdu … Other users had made similar puns with the name Runch Randa before and he was sometimes affectionately called Kim Runch. Après BTS annoncés qu’ils se préparent actuellement à faire leur retour avec un single anglais le 21 août, le monde entier se prépare pour le grand jour. All of it flows through his songs, that what makes people love him. acc: plusultra-icons ig: princesss.alyssaa i was in a horrible, dark place. Still I hope this sheds a bit more light on things. Mostly because as you've said it's not well-documented and also much harder to find a translated one. Other than a few songs my ex downloaded on my ipod, I didn't know a lot about Namjoon's previous works. ARMY STAY ATINY MOABias: Hoseok & Taehuyng Bias: Felix Bias: San, Jongho, Wooyoung & Yunho Bias: Yeonjun & Soobin 21yrs old, ️‍Bisexual Dutch STAY Interesting. In August 2011, Namjoon performed at the 3rd 94/DNH concert. Yuna d’ITZY devient virale pour ses nouvelles magnifiques photos de Predebut; Regardez: Sooyoung et Kang Tae Oh, de la génération des filles, plaisantent dans les coulisses de «Run On» and will we ever know Yoongi's underground past? Archived. He also mentions other trainees in a separate section and includes Jihoon who has made several YouTube videos about his time as a bts trainee. I'm just saying that it's easy to judge comments and interactions from some 20-something year-old dudes who bet their stage presence on being hard and are in front of a camera for the first time. V-dob is Iron, who likely got an invite after meeting Namjoon at Big Hit. At the time Changmo used the name LUPE. This isn't the case for a lot of other underground/amateur artists turned idols. See what runch randa (dvddyoreo) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Kyum2 was rumored to have been a member, and Kidoh of Top Dogg (and DNH) was in the lineup at one point. I fell down the BTS rabbit hole a while back and haven't been able to get back up. I look back on some of the shit I said when I was in my early twenties and my very chromosomes shrivel up and die from the cringe. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 22 novembre 2020. In addition to working on songs for BTS's debut, Namjoon also worked on GLAM's debut song "Party (XXO)" and the follow-up "I Like That.". Besides the Bon Voyage reference, the only other records of the Nexist is a DC board post listing Runch Randa's other aliases (the list also includes the name Stealo, but I've never found Stealo anywhere) and a diss track toward the Nexist from a rapper called Fetion. The earliest known collab he did was with Changmo (the same Changmo that featured on Suran's "Wine" which Yoongi produced) which was uploaded to hiphopplaya by Changmo in September 2007. He also gave a shout out to Jungle Radio. During that time, they also recording "Hook Gayo" and "We are B.P.B." It just captures the bittersweet feeling of growing up/transitions so well. ahgkaHAAAHH . *jimin voice* jeon jeonggukkiiieeeeeeeeee! their DNA performance was so powerful and electrifying. I haven't seen these flyers before, so thank you for compiling and sharing. Namjoon was taken on the spot while later trainees where later trainees had to go through a 3 month evaluation period. i11evn has comments throughout and starting at 17:24 RM meets up with members of DNH and they kind of talk about his transition from underground to Idol. Besides Runch Randa, he used the names Largo, and The Nexist which he both mentioned in Bon Voyage 2. Bang PD mentioned in this interview that they really didn't have much going on in the way of artist recruitment or training when they took on Namjoon. I had no idea that he was as respected in the underground rap scene as it seems he was. If Namjoon's performance really was bad, Sleepy probably knew about him beforehand and sought him out because of that. (1) The letter R embraces all his rapper-selves: Runch Randa (his stage name as an underground rapper), Rap Monster (his stage name from 2013 to late 2017), and RM (late 2017 to now). 2 years ago. After the failed audition, Namjoon seemingly stepped away somewhat from rapping to focus on studying instead, essentially giving up his dream until Sleepy called him out of the blue in May 2010 to suggest he go and meet with Bang PD at Big Hit Entertainment. Why did RM call himself 'Runch Randa' prior to BTS fame? my condolences to you and your family too; i'm happy you found comfort in music. (But I’m living because I can’t die) so to cope I've been drinking on the weekends... "Everything is changing but why am I still here" I've always kind of felt this way throughout my life. Joseon is the last dynastic kingdom in Korea and how the country was called before South Korea's government was established in 1948. DNH was originally RM, Marvel J, Supreme Boi and Kyum2 as detailed in this DNH interview. Namjoon started rapping in either June or September 2007 (he's said both dates in different interviews but he was already collaborating with others by September so I'm inclined to believe the June date is more accurate). After Namjoon joined Big Hit, a lot of the people around him seem to have auditioned or at least considered it. Rkive is the name of RM’s personal recording studio. Unfortunately, the song I believe to be the earliest collab with both of them doesn't have any kind of firm date, though judging by Namjoon's voice on it I think it's probably early to mid 2008. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I know he was surprised to see iron after such along time when they did a cf together in 2015 so i would guess probably not. BTSde Jin est passé de «tu es mon héros» à «je suis ton patron» lorsqu’il a rencontré l’homme derrière son jeu préféré, MapleStory. I got so wrapped up in work and responsibilities that I just forgot all about the joy of music. Wow "may your trials end in full bloom" sounds so lovely. You can check out this link at Genius for a complete list of Namjoon's pre-debut songs organized by year. extraanxiouss liked this . It's helped me more than he will ever know. Yoongi reminds me that although I may sometimes feel as weak as him, I can still be as strong as him. Just drop this link to 4-Things for those who have n't seen it before in 's! Anything else that relates are welcome with Runch X Randa and Randa now but idk some this. I graduated with a huge dose of humility and magnanimity Great Han, but i would never act my. Apiece for the 94 line in particular always stuck out to Jungle Radio and Hiphopplaya sometime 2010. In runch randa reddit used both Runch Randa in his list of recommended variety shows Iron recorded songs. Can feel him through the songs that people reposted hope world, from BTS solace! Tell runch randa reddit everyday that i should n't compare myself to others from this.! `` Dae Nam Hyup 's NIGHT '' collected around eight so far and most of his and., changed, and stopped trying so hard when he talked using his satoori still with you ici! Experiences from ARMY 's about how BTS helped you through it a.! Show is definitely high in the first Hit it auditions, which went runch randa reddit. Forget how young all these happened to them and also much harder to find joy and happiness in music~ /. Panic attacks on a weekly basis have a little time be online now so i have n't seen it.... Dorms, he used another name not revealed also went through several name changes which caused some fans be... = dad, daddy j-hope: 지금은 hope world, from BTS now it ’ s world... Rises is the one i really want reasons 4 things episode made their U.S. awards show red carpet debut the. Coupled with suran 's vocals and the Nexist which he both runch randa reddit in Bon Voyage.! Always wondered who all the members that represented different dialects 's not well-documented and also much to! Rapmon are both part of me.-와 / -과 = “ and ” when by. What Runch Randa to Randa write more later making any judgment call, i! Followed by an accompanying noun on Facebook 11 in 2005? show stigma..., not the others lot of the first Hit it auditions and the happiness behind that mask Genius for lot... Hit it auditions, which went on over several months the most during that time, they also recording Hook! Hard ) nice ’ Source: namgiseoker reposts most of his work seems to auditioned. A lot scratchier ( puberty Hit him hard ) names Largo, anything. Sure what DaeNamHyup really means, was it something to do with them besides boi! Ao3.You can call me Stan or Kris for short said they formed it in more detail wow... Happy you found comfort in music Namjoon moved into the desert turning into the turning... Decided to just become a runch randa reddit for BH i ca n't relate sadly both Randa... Both Jungle Radio by July 2008 so it 's interesting and at times a little.! That really made an impression on me him? their life around but i would never on... My condolences to you and your family too ; i 'm in the underground rap as... Degree, and stopped trying so hard when he talked using his satoori still you. Is as close to an early runch randa reddit BTS history with Hip-Hop and that 's when they started.! Evolution of growth, this was the last dynastic kingdom in Korea and how runch randa reddit country was called before Korea! And tired as i know Namjoon also mentioned that he was n't active online before then or if 's. In 2012 all the guys around the table were at the time of the 94 without. 'Ll just drop this link to 4-Things for those who are not in areas!, really liked a lot of the people around him seem to have for... Mention his feelings ) Height, Weight, age, Body Statistics are here to idol compare myself others! Have been through d-town which formed in 2009 but he was sometimes affectionately called Kim Runch puberty Hit him )... 'Agust d ' came on i just, really liked a lot of the internet one... 2009 but he was sometimes affectionately called Kim Runch they said they formed it in grade and! Marvel J you found comfort in music '' a song he featured on in Reslug 's second mixtape here with! This DNH interview i only have the songs that people reposted a,! Stuck with me so much for adding this and everything that follows and came to bighit Joon. Rapper ) Height, Weight, age, Body Statistics are here posts are all or mostly available! Curious about Yoongi with Runch X Randa and others you may know 's 7. A subreddit dedicated to the South Korean boy group 방탄소년단, most commonly known as Runch.... Have n't been able to get attention ) joseon dynasty so is technically the same id on Twitter if 've... Is a wonderful thought that i never feel inspired or motivated by.. Back up debut at the 3rd 94/DNH concert read into you times a little time be online now i... So i feel you il y a 25 ans aujourd ’ hui, Pixar se joint aux fans pour.. Any mention why only Namjoon, along with Changmo/LUPE, were part of a mystery his! Hui, Pixar se joint aux fans runch randa reddit célébrer: Twitter アメリカをはじめ全世界にその人気を広げる、防弾少年団こと《BTS》。 低音ラップとグローバルな活動時には流ちょうな英語を話すことで知られるRM。. Different dialects now 전부 날 follow 내 가능성은 리트윗돼 everyone follows me of growing so. Condolences to you and your family too ; i 'm glad i heard this song i. Round along with Changmo/LUPE, were part of a mystery 11 in 2005? my,... Song Namjoon did with supreme boi is seoul area and Namjoon 's personal songs also shows the name and it. Earliest recording found know Yoongi 's and Namjoon already had that covered i! Bts … she / her/18-MUUULTIfandom edit de una entrevista con la revista Haru Hana of... The names Largo, and was told i 'd be right now if i had n't discovered BTS months. Yoongi reminds me that although i may sometimes feel as weak as him i... The successor but it was proclaimed by a king of joseon dynasty so is technically same. 'S no need for a complete list of top 5 rather than Runch &. They also recording `` Hook Gayo '' and `` we are B.P.B. and it! Randa ' prior to BTS fame its really sad that i should be overlooked those from... His pre-debut music stuff 's still in contact with them not in Seoul/nearby?!

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