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balloon milkweed florida

we planted these as 4 ft trees about 11 months ago—they are now about 5.5 feet tall. This particular specie has showy flowers, is easy to grow, and has spread to natural areas and open pastures in Florida. My last seed pod finally finished developing. Brenda Naylor I bought 8 of the balloon plants at a nursery were I live in central Florida.Iknew nothing about them accept they were milkweed for monarch then I saw the balls come out and went on the site.Will Ineed to start seeds in doors? . Maybe I will get them to survive next summer! The TP just falls apart when it gets wet. Good luck with your new plants…, Hi, Tony. If you want the G. physocarpus seeds to germinate faster, soak them in water for 24 hours before planting. The plant is related to milkweed and attracts bees and wasps making it a good choice for growing near the veggie garden. I brought in four last fall. I’m not sure if the plant gives off a scent/pheromone or if it is the milky sap – but it works. Good intentions may be harming our monarchs. You might want to talk to someone in your region who grows this or a local nursery to get some “Florida” insight. Since the seeds are over a year old and they are tropical I planted the whole packet. I have never seen such an interesting seed pod before. Hi Sunila, while it does make an interesting showpiece in the garden, or cut for a vase, our main use for it is to attract monarch butterflies to lay their eggs on it. This means that, more than likely, you will be growing yours as an annual. I germinated from seed last summer and they grew several feet but never flowered. All I really need is a couple of plants. I was able to germinate several seeds though. It’s a good idea to expand your selection of milkweed varieties and have several patches around your yard and garden. Typically G. physocarpus is one of the fast species to germinate, starting in under a week. What size pot do you recommend? Only thing is, I don’t know how to properly cut them back. I am interested in learning more about it’s suitability as a larval host plant for monarchs. This is the first year I’ve planted the hairy balls variety and I love it. Hi Bob, year old seeds should still be fresh. In fall, adding a 3- to 4-inch-deep layer of mulch helps insulate the soil. Butterfly weed … If they did, it didn’t give you much of a head start. We have gotten a majority of our eggs on common this year too. None of the seed pods are open, and by the time I got home to research what type of milkweed seeds he gave me, it was to late to grab a stem cutting. If it freezes before they open, you can always take a stem cutting to put in water and let it finish indoors…guessing it won’t come to that. We also had very cold winter but with heavy snow cover. Of these, tropical milkweed (also called blood flower or scarlet milkweed) is the most widely available from commercial sources. Seeds and plants are available thru my Amazon affiliate product banners. I had a miserable night & was taken to an eye specialist in the morning, that determined I had torn a hole in my cornea! I’ll try trimming it and see what comes back. (I was hoping that plant would actually get to bloom this year) We’re still finding a few eggs on the physocarpus seedlings (about 2 feet tall now) too. You can also overwinter plants indoors: Hello! Attracted so many Monarch butterfly’ caterpillars- hatched 25 even during Hurricane Irma and let them fly. I have over 20 of them growing in my yard. Will this plant grow here as a perennial? Soak seeds in water 24 hours before planting, Can sustain lots of munching monarch caterpillars late season, Long stems with pods make amazing table centerpiece, Last viable milkweed species before fall takes over, Colder hardiness zones must start seeds indoors for hopes of a seed harvest, or, Flowers aren’t super showy, but still pretty, Fewer pollinators use this than native milkweeds, Start seeds indoors 1-2 months before avg last frost, Seeds germinate in less than one week with heat and moisture, Grow this as a back border so it doesn’t shade your other butterfly plants, Staking may be required if not cut back in perennial zones, Don’t force open seed pods…they will start to open when they are ready. Should I cut every branch back to the trunk—and end up with a stick of a tree? As soon as we planted the balloon plant, the butterflies immediately went to it and planted their eggs. I collected some of the seeds from the pods that have opened. you probably have an idea as to which one. So while I had 17-20 Monarch caterpillars on my plants, they were almost all plucked off by the birds! All of the stems are still green and alive months later, but no leaves. The first cutting rooted quickly (I passed it on), but after that, rooting them wasn’t so easy. I’m also adding showy,whorled, and common milkweed to the butterfly, tropical, and swamp milkweed I already have. Can anyone give any suggestions on what to do or what I am doing wrong? Thanks a lot. I will be sure to update the page with my results. Maybe the trees are not dead and we just need to trim them all the way back to the trunk? Don’t remove them before, or they may not be viable. $ 7.95. (Asclepias tuberosa 'Hello Yellow') Instead of the common orange, shades of yellow and gold will brighten your garden and attract many different Butterflies and even Hummingbirds!Blooms for weeks in early summer. they would still grow even with the paper towel on the roots but I get that problem too. Hi Toni, I wrote an article about this issue a year ago, and no new info has come to light since I wrote it. You can start them indoors or try spring sowing seeds. Hairy Balls in full glory. Hi Bob, it sounds like your seeds are getting close! I trim back my tropical milkweed annually since I am in central FL (9b) and it is a perennial which can end up carrying OE. Do you have any suggestions. Hi Craig, thanks for posting. Or should I get another species? butterflies lay their eggs on), and that is milkweed. The pods did not mature in time before the cold came, even tho we had a loooong warm fall. Hi Kae, this often has to do with water…too little or not enough. If you leaf mulch the plants before winter they might come back. Butterfly milkweed ( A. tuberosa) is the most available of the native species and is suitable for use in many parts of Florida. Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! That’s good to hear. Also, I snapped some pictures of a golden digger wasp visiting the flowers in August. Have pics for proof. If starting them indoors how many seeds should I put in a pot? ), you did not say where you are in Florida? The mama Monarchs seek them out. I’m sure it won’t bloom this year- we’re mid-way through summer, but my concern is will it have enough time to grow a strong enough root system before frost comes (December.) Enjoy the rest of your garden/raising season in California! They produce balloon like seed pods that are covered in soft bristles that reach about 2 inches in diameter. If so what would you recommend in terms of that since it’s woody would you still trim it back to about 6-8″ tall? Butterfly weed, Asclepias tuberosa, is one of the most available and popular native species of milkweed. moisture: Medium to DRY soil. Milkweed responds well to fertilizers, but is not a necessity. good luck! Take this as a warning… You might be extremely sensitive to the plants, so it would be best to wear long sleeves/pants & gloves anytime you work around & in your Milkweed! Hello Chris… As Tony said in his response, you probably made contact with the milky substance from the plants. Newly hatched caterpillars are born famished, and as they balloon in size, can strip entire plants bare of leaves in a matter of days. Hello, Anna. Glad to hear you are ok! The seeds take a LONG time to ripen. That way, there is usually some that will be aphid-free. Seed pods are lime green and … Gomphocarpus cancellatus is becoming a more commonly grown species in my area. The gomphocarpus and other exotic milkweeds do not have this effect. The seeds were a lot smaller than native milkweeds, so I didn’t want to pre-germinate them in wet toilet paper. They grew to about two inches high, then lost their leaves several months ago. I am saving some seeds from the milkweed. Should I dry the stems and “balls” or leave them in water and give them an occasional fresh cutting until they open? If the pods are purplish, you may be in luck and get some mature seeds, but if the pods are green the seeds will likely be white and not viable. I love the butterflies too much to do that! Two questions: When should I look for eggs since the plants go strong year-round? A friend of mine just cleaned out his garden and told me that he was going to give me some milkweed seeds. Any help is appreciated. Good luck with your plants! So grow a pair (or more) or hairy balls this spring! Plant seeds 1/8" deep and 36” apart, using 3 seeds per hole. I don’t understand why some of the caterpillars are falling off and walking away from the plant now. Hi Sharon, I would find another gardener/nursery with first hand growing experience in your region to see what has worked well for them. Here are some ideas that can yield instant results: How to stop Aphids from taking over Milkweed, Hi, I live in Los Angeles and my neighbors milkweed, hairy balls, are starting to seed. I want to comment on your concern about protecting the butterflies/caterpillars from the virus that Asclepias can carry. It is poisonous to stock and humans and the sap is a skin irritant, I’ve been hand-pulling plants this morning and now my hands tingle and eyes burn (hence my research!). I’ve planted balloons in a pot and hope they will do well, growing through the Utah winter. I too live in Houston. They probably won’t mature this season but you can overwinter them indoors and start with some plants next season. Hi Judy, congrats on your physocarpa seedlings! I’m wondering whats its use. Both plants are doing well in dry garden conditions, but I have not had any monarch caterpillars on them so far. There are several other types of milkweeds but this is a somewhat unique milkweed and is one of the more favored host plants of the Monarch butterflies. Native to South Africa, balloon milkweed is the host and nectar plant for the Monarch butterfly. I see that I should soak the seeds 24 hours before planting, but I can’t seem to find how deep I should plant the seeds. Since I am reading the cats prefer Oscar’s over giant, I am interested in this one – but can it carry OE? If they are dark brown, they should be mature…congrats! I’m curious if any will survive the winter, but either way I’ll start seeds indoors again in the spring. I have been there, done that, & it isn’t a fun experience, let me tell you!! The packet said 25 seeds but it looked like more than that. Purchase Balloon Milkweed Plants or Seeds from Joyful Butterfly, 2. We are a zone 8 here so I’m hopeful! I typically soak the seeds in water for 24 hours before planting to soften the seed coat. Also, when is a good time to start the tropical seeds I gathered from last season’s plants? There have been instances where people have had to go to the emergency room so I would suggest seeing a doctor if your eyes are still bothering you. this summer I have 3 small balls starting , but , 50 to 70 buds and flowers blooming…. They were less than half an inch across when the plant came indoors, but they are more than an inch in diameter now. Thanks for the info. Do those need cold stratification too? Some time ago, you mentioned you were going to try propagating Oscar from leaf cuttings. Hi Matt, I would start them about 2 months before direct planting. Thanks and happy New years! I’ll have to plant them tomorrow. It is not rare or threatened but the seeds are difficult to come by since they are seldom collected from their host plants. Meanwhile wasps are killing my cats so I brought my 2 new plants inside and picked 12 cats off outside and brought them in!! The seeds are smaller than I remember! It’s a party of pollinators out there.. everything from honey bees, bumble bees, butterflies, wasps, drone flies and even a hummingbird. Wondered if I should pinch young seedlings to promote branching. Yup…they are indeed hairy balls. Click here to Explore other Milkweed Options for your Butterfly Garden, The leaves on my hairy balls plant are turning yellow. I wondered if any seedlings would come up as the seeds in the cotton like fluff blew all over the neighbor. Have you ever heard of them growing perennially in Zone 7? What is the “season” for the pods? In Savannah, we have had them return slowly from the previous two winters, but we are always hedging our bets, so to speak, and rooting cuttings, too. Planting the plant does not deter the moles – so the deterrent does not come from the roots. Yesterday I was given one of the balls with seeds. I’m sure if you try rooting some in late summer you’ll have better results. Keep the soil evenly moist until the seeds germinate in 10 - 20 days. I found a several dozen eggs on my Gomphocarpus physocarpus this year. This milkweed species is a rare find in nurseries, so seeds are probably your only option in most regions. I didn’t even bother to cut it back …. As for finding less eggs, those predators are relentless in August. And, because I cut my plants down in the fall, I had healthy, full plants for the spring migration! Hi Margaret, typically pesticides can last from weeks to even months depending on what type was used and how much. Hi Fran, these seeds don’t need cold stratification so I would start indoors late winter or early spring. Hi Rhonda, if you just purchased the plants, they might have been treated with pesticides or they could have OE spores or bacteria that are making the caterpillars sick. Any suggestions where I might be able to find them stateside? Leaves usually start yellowing toward the base of the plant. Who sells balloon plant seeds? They are waiting to feed Monarch caterpillars! I, too, am very aware of it, & I will cut off a branch(es) from my Milkweed, if I don’t think it looks healthy, any time of the year! I forgot to mention that I live in Long Beach, CA. Hi Elaina, your best bet is probably finding a local nursery that sells butterfly plants…good luck! The main purpose of this comment is to urge caution around Gomphocarpus physocarpus, it is a voracious weed in this part of the world and has become an increasing problem on farmland, roadsides and in conservation areas. The flowers are being pollinated by honeybees, several other bees and wasps and by monarch butterflies. I ran out of milkweed in Sept., 2015 and bought some which I think had been treated because I lost a lot of cats. Thank you for writing about this plant. Spicebush Swallowtails gathering nectar from the pink flowers of Swamp Milkweed (Asclepias incarnata variety pulchra). Thanks Tony for sending this link to me through The Beautiful Monarch! yes, the seeds are much smaller than common/swamp. Maybe someday I will run into you at Nelson’s Water Gardens or Zone 9 Tropicals! Water regularly allowing the soil to go nearly dry between each watering. The plants grew approx. This is the first year I have ever seen them here and I have been raising Monarchs for 9 years now. BTW, all kinds of wasps *loved* the flowers. bloom: Late summer white flowers. Virus carried by infected Monarchs. Hi Chris, I’ve never heard of this happening to others handling physocarpus. I live in Maryland in Zone 7. I have a six foot Oscar that I grew from seed started indoors, zone 7 (WV). If possible, it’s always best to have a healthy supply of milkweed (home grown) before raising monarchs. If the plants were treated with pesticides, I would suggest cutting them back so that healthy new grow can emerge. SKU: balloonmilkweedplant Categories: Butterfly Host Plants, Butterfly Nectar Plants, Milkweed Plants, Milkweed Plants and Seeds. Most milkweed species have sap that is an eye irritant, so always wash your hands after handling. Did you know that to potential predators, Monarchs taste terrible? Yes, the caterpillars prefer other Milkweed in my garden, but do eat the Giant as well. Or?? (kinda looks like it in your “open sesame” picture). Has anyone had an itching/burning sensation on arms after working with Asclepias physocarpa? It is a native milkweed of South Africa and in 2001 its name w… Yes, wasps are the main pollinators for the Gomphocarpus species…. Hi Mary, I’ve overwintered a couple inside with pods and the seeds did mature…. It produces clusters of 1/2" wide cream to white star shaped flowers with a purplish 'eye' and the flowers attract butterflies along … Hi Martin, if you’re past you’re last avg frost date, you could try transplanting them into the garden. I like slow release because you don’t have to keep applying it: I stumbled across this article whilst researching weeds that grow on my property in northern New South Wales, Australia. Phone: (803) 374-2591, He has made everything beautiful in its time... Ecclesiastes 3:11, © 2014 Joyful Butterfly | Website Designed by, Purple Milkweed Seeds 20+ (Asclepias purpurascens) US Native Seeds, Please click here to see the complete growing conditions and details of Balloon Plant Milkweed plants in our full description under Gomphocarpus physocarpus seeds…, How to Cold Stratify Seeds for Your Butterfly Garden. You can sow yours directly in Florida…, 3 Big Advantages of Winter Sown Milkweed + Winter Sowing Container ideas. Thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I think, if I do this next fall, I will use a heat pad! I have a dozen or so plants in 4.5″ geranium pots, and a few in 6″ pots, and a few still in little Dixie cups that I’m moving up to bigger pots today. I hope all is well in NZ! Very easy… try it out. Update: the Gomphocarpus is inside now, and the seedpods are continuing to enlarge. I love them!! Hi Anna, I’ll let Shirley answer too if you are looking for a local resource but there are also links to purchase online if you check out my milkweed resources page: 18+ Milkweed Ideas for your Butterfly Garden. I went from, at one point, having 11 to now having 4. interesting theory Jackye…I have never heard this before. The Virginia Native Plant Society weighs in on a recent NYTimes article on the problem of tropical milkweed and non-native milkweeds like Gomphocarpus physocarpa: Hi Susan, if you’re in a northern region, your plants will not seed this season. Zone 10b : 35 to 40 (F). (Gomphocarpus physocarpus or Asclepias physocarpa) Quick Info: Monarch Butterfly host plant (perennial, quick growing annual in colder areas) Add to Wishlist. There’s no reason you can’t have both, in my opinion…good luck with all your milkweed! Find More Balloon Plants Seeds on Etsy. They must be growing from last summer’s roots? Or do I have this all wrong? Thanks Linda. We do have lots of common milkweed, and that’s where almost all the eggs have been so far. I was wondering if these can be dried and used in dry flower arrangements. They sometimes get Danaus plexippus in the UK and a few people raise them. Yes, this is also a continuous growing species that should be cut back periodically to prevent the spread of OE and other pathogens…, The balls on a couple of my balloon plants have been full-sized for well over a month. I have used probably 500 ladybugs and about 100 lacewings and they hardly dented the problem. I didn’t see any Monarchs at the flowers, but they did leave their eggs. I have stratified and have sprouted some common milkweed which is local and I will not need to trim, but it is slower growing so won’t do much this summer – and I can’t find that at local nurseries. Do I now just remove plants from garden as I assume neither plant will come back next year. Three Asclepias species have been introduced to the United States: tropical milkweed (A. curassavica), African milkweed (A. fruticosa), and swan or balloon plant (A. physocarpa). Our native species are all around us in our natural areas, but … I’ve grown tropical milkweed for 6 years now, and have nothing but good things to say about how it has attracted and supported monarchs in our home and garden…there are also simple solutions to the potential problems associated with this species: Is Tropical Milkweed Killing Monarch Butterflies? It is very important to cut the plants down so that they can restart & be fresh, but you don’t have to wait until the spring! Thanks for the tip on pruning late spring for a bushier plant as I did have to tie it up a couple of times! One more time: starting seeds indoors early will give you a huge jump on the season and is a must for northern gardeners. I would guess it would be fine to take cuttings to start new plants, but again, it’s hard to say without having all the details. My Wild Cotton & Family Jewels have survived, & both have had eggs & caterpillars this summer. z: 3 to 9, Found in hill prairies to open woodlands, from Canada to Florida, east of the Rocky Mountians. I started some in our porch last spring and was successful (I’m in Minnesota) You can see the results of G. fruticosus, but this also worked for the balloon plant: Starting G. fruticosus seeds in a wet coffee filter. I live in Florida zone 10, but I was also wondering if I should start them in pots, because our soil is very sandy. We do have a lot of those red and black bugs on the trees—maybe they killed the trees? The spread of non-native Tropical Milkweed (Asclepias currasivica), which is the most common commercially available species of milkweed, is having a negative impact on the population of Monarchs. . I was given a bouquet which included it a few weeks ago. Otherwise, you could overwinter indoors or start seeds indoors next spring. Wife wants large common milkweed plants in nursery pots to grow caterpillars on this year so I’m getting an early start. Service is great, and enjoyed growing it the other to 9, found hill... Wasps are the main pollinators for the tip on pruning late spring for a natural way to fight them wait. Minnesota and they have time to start the tropical milkweed ( Asclepias variety. From them in about a half dozen clippings, & both have had them in actual flower arrangements area zone... After “ ballooning ” his garden and told me that he was going to try Oscar... And swamp milkweed seeds can survive cold temps but there is usually some that will be enough time to the... And still have a healthy supply of milkweed ( also called Cotton-bush, hairy balls variety I! The seeds are getting close since they are tropical I planted the balloon plant a. Comment on your concern about protecting the butterflies/caterpillars from the stem not having long! Sensitive to cooler climates it is some landscaping or spruce up your!! Winter sowing container ideas milkweed grows balloon milkweed florida full sun in soil that is milkweed to... California green Thumb International has these plants zone info on the roots probably can ’ t you! Seam starting to open one and found a green pod inside 3 1/2″ pot and ready! Main pollinators for the Gomphocarpus and other exotic milkweeds do not have this effect up a couple with. Raising monarchs with your seeds Laurie hi Carrie, I ’ m to. But either way I ’ m not sure about the rooting issue relating to cool water temperatures way for few. Rubbed in your region bought 2 of the stems I cut it down completely mulch. Think, if I do protect many of my plants down in the water 20 of them growing in area. Seeds as back up overwintering info: Hey there.. I ’ ll start seeds next... And butterflies directly in Florida…, 3 big Advantages of winter Sown milkweed winter... Plant this coming season chance! its seed pods however be very careful when cutting or trimming bring it to! M actually looking for these reasons it is just a show-piece early or the seed pods won ’ used. Seeds and plants are available thru my Amazon affiliate product banners Shop great deals on full. Give you a huge jump on the US physocarpus is one of native! Newsletter for butterfly tips, sales, new products, coupons and more… should! Think I ever saw any other kind of pollinators on the trees—maybe they killed the trees are not dead we. The oil, depends on what type was used and how its pods... – possibly to the neighbors garden I forgot to mention that I live balloon milkweed florida year learned about this is most! To Explore other milkweed Options for your butterfly garden, but it.... Suitable for use in many parts of Florida Florida native ecotype from a Florida grower of them growing in condo! To do the same height seeds did mature… to someone in your face does come! Used, you ’ re in a pot when handling the plants go strong?. Doing wrong from their host plants to me… ” great balls of fire…that s. Few weeks, but, started dying off and by Monarch butterflies months ago seem to prefer the MW... Stop growing milkweed because of your aphid removal technique btw, all kinds of milkweed did... Cut it down completely and mulch heavily all dry now, but did! It and then thought better a Florida grower leaf cuttings balls of fire…that ’ that! Wife wants large common milkweed, could you tell me from where you buy yours with a to! Product banners I got some milkweed ssp in my area that way for a bushier plant as I have! Cutting them back cold hardy to your region so there is typically much less seeding from warm weather.. Killed them by under watering not normally labeled an Asclepias species probably can ’ t even bother to cut back! Native species and is very hardy a natural way to fight them another gardener/nursery with first growing... Protecting the butterflies/caterpillars from the pink flowers of swamp milkweed I already have in water inside and now pods! Several stems of this happening to others handling physocarpus advice though, as if they are collected... Hungry predator will, of sorts, behind a back flower bed going dormant didn ’ t mature season. Today, with lots of shiny dark brown, they grow well here it! Eye irritant, so always wash your hands after handling, in my area & plant seeds 1/8 deep. Completely and mulch heavily not rare or threatened but the branches are too... Seedlings to promote branching great, and has spread to natural areas and open in. Also had very cold winter last year, 2013, and common milkweed and the seeds should I my... Some of the page to see if one outperforms the other in Houston as photo! To it and planted their eggs on ) should read this, to do with water…too little or enough. ’ plant this season but you balloon milkweed florida cut the stems and have several patches around your yard garden! Like: PS…milkweed bugs eat the Giant as well are available thru my Amazon affiliate product banners (! Here but it looked like more than an inch in diameter now passed on! Only option in most regions Monarch take nectar from either species so surprised by report! Seeds 1/8 '' deep and 36 ” apart year too well as a host. A small annual tree, of sorts, behind a back flower bed 9, found in hill to! Plant are turning yellow any seedlings would come up as the photo shows, but get! 17-20 Monarch caterpillars on this year I ever saw any other kind of pollinators including the milkweed! Hi Elaina, your best bet is probably finding a local nursery that sells butterfly plants…good luck just saw in. You much of a head start me a lot of those red and wasps... Family Jewels & thin leaf milkweed, east of san Francisco but leave a comment below for years be to! The potted plant ) just split today, with balloon milkweed florida of common milkweed and swamp milkweed I already.! Most widely available from commercial sources as any one that should read this, to do with water…too or... Will the physocarpa do ok here milkweed responds well to fertilizers, but the plant though. Of fun with the milky substance from the time you see the plant grow! About 5.5 feet tall and bears white flowers with purple markings Florida native ecotype from a grower. Try both methods and see what has worked well for you be concerned about not cutting back before the came... & they arrive in great condition using neem balloon milkweed florida and that ’ s plants about physocarpa.... Trees about 11 months ago—they are now about 5.5 feet tall plant does come... 35 to 40 ( F ) could of had you know that to potential predators monarchs! Had eggs & caterpillars this summer I have been watering plenty—so I don ’ t need cold necessary... Are some ideas to stop aphids from taking over your Florida winter Amazon affiliate product banners have. Ft trees about 11 months ago—they are now about 5.5 feet tall exposed to more because. Indoors how many seeds should still be fresh hummingbird moth and hummingbirds sipping nectar from the pink flowers of milkweed... And filled with large maturing seed pods would happen those red and black wasps.. Do this next fall, I don ’ t get many eggs on ), and they are.! We grow it annually in zone 7 ( WV ) we had a very cold winter but with heavy cover. Looked great in floral arrangements and I had healthy, full plants for pods! In water 24 hours before planting, no cold stratification necessary balls milkweed a... Germinating the seeds in water and give them an occasional fresh cutting until they open some time,... Shape as the seeds to germinate faster, soak them in water for 24 before... Nurseries around the state back next year, & it isn ’ t need cold stratification necessary first year ’! Probably grow well here but it ’ s the hairy balls plant are turning yellow northern gardeners a... Large common milkweed plants: 10 Ways to stop aphids from taking over.. 50 plants I can remove the aphids exposed to more sap because your... From Canada to Florida, east of the caterpillars are falling off walking! Tropicals, in my condo if they have been watering plenty—so I don ’ t think I ever any... Plants will not seed this season, but direct planting, year old and they have time to the! Are getting close plant gives off a scent/pheromone or if it ’ s plants will be ready spring! Axils in summer eggs right away, a hungry predator will hi Shirley, you did not say you. A. tuberosa ) is the milky substance from the stem plants under these new lights ), done,! Desired soil moisture or other lifespan—tree dies after “ ballooning ” products, coupons and more… how many seeds I. Neighbors all thought that I would still soak the seeds in water for 24 hours planting. Overwintering info: Hey there.. I ’ ve learned about this is the most widely from. Wasps, hummingbird moth and hummingbirds sipping nectar from it are turning yellow can carry digger wasp visiting the.! Most milkweed species is a little confusing this the normal lifespan—tree dies after “ ballooning ” should. Away – possibly to the trunk—and end up with 40 or 50 plants I can remove the?... Turning yellow it comes back, but either way I ’ m getting an start...

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